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Company Profile

DDRent Ltd. is a company inspired by the memories of the cars of our parents & grandparents. Having heard many stories about the retro vehicles of the Eastern Bloc and the USSR, we decided to collect the essential members of the motorcars of the era, as to revive and share the experience and the retro lifestyle of the ’70s and ’80s.

Back in those days customers could select only the colour of their cars and ask for a radio as an equipement of luxury. Automatic transmission and power steering were out of the question. Instead, it was the golden age of the choke & the column shifter.

The main profile of our company is renting cars. The duration may vary: One can rent for an hour/ multiple hours and even days. Our ever expanding fleet of vehicles includes Wartburgs, Moskvits cars, and everyone’s favourite, the Trabant.

We provide full service for Your rental, including the car insurance, accident insurance, maintenance and the delivery of the vehicles.

We also provide cars for special occassions, such as weddings, bachelor/ bachelorette parties. Chauffeur and tourist guide services are also available.

„Trabanton szállni élvezet
Gyorsabban száll, mint a képzelet
Döcög és pöfög, hú de kafa
Az orrod alá dörgölő kis pofa...”